Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whatever it takes, I give it all away..

Sometimes its hard to discern how much to share or not share with the community of people that may or may not view this blog.
Being transparent and fully honest doesn't get the best re-views anymore.
But for the sake of that one who is struggling, gritting their teeth to pull through, this perhaps is for you.

Depression stricken(struck with) for 2 and a half years, an at the age of 21 seeking and receiving the proper help is what needed to happen.
I've been going to counseling.
And its not for crazy people.
What a false assumption or assertion about counseling.
It really helps to un-tangle wires that have intwined that need to be sorted out.
You see, as people, we sometimes get our feelings hurt, make a big mistake, or small one and leads to lasting affects or effects on our lives.
For instance, giving your body to someone else.
Sex is an emotional, spiritual, and psychical thing that ties 1 to 1, and then when the relationship doesn't last they are torn apart. And I personally don't know of anything that is still good after ripping apart.

We all need help.
Yes, even you.
You need help.
Its okay to say that.
Its okay to accept that.

I have found often that close friendships, people throwing verses at you, or trying to conveince yourself your okay is not merely enough to overcome depression, apathy, or sadness.

But what does help is memorizing Gods truth, which is the bible.
John 17:17
look at that.

When we start to hide His word and truth in our hearts we become better sustained.
For example:
All the paths of the Lord are lovingkindess and truth to those who keep His covenant and His testimonies. Psalm25:10

By memorizing this verse I see that All ways of the Lord are good!!!
That if I just believe and trust I will walk in His goodness.

I'm tired of writing.
ponder that
have a great day!

you are not alone in this.

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  1. If for no one else, you wrote that for me. Thank you. I needed to know that I am not alone.