Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This question: Who am I?
Finding identity is one journey everyone can relate to....... and I hope by the end of the post you better understand who you are.

Your a: mother
State fan
gator fan
a person
a nonbody

You get the picture.
Here are tons of labels we stick ourselves with like the bumper of a car.
In this life we are constantly sticking ourselves with these identity ideas and I believe along the way we miss the point of who we are .. or should be.

How about a child ?
a son?
a daughter?
a princess?
a prince?
how about..... holy ? eh?
Have you ever given these a ponder?
Ever looked in the mirror and instead of saying " Gosh, I'm fat" say " I am righteous" " I am a prince" " I am loved" Insecurities come from lack of identity I believe. Controversy comes from not knowing a stable you.

Here is what I learned? When Adam chose to disobey God and peace out on the garden of Eden( place of pleasure, perfection, and home) he opened up a gate of the human race trying to fill a void in their hearts.......

Lets think on this....Your hungry.. you eat.... hours later hungry again? right ?
When your hungry you eat.
In todays terms now.. Your wanting sex? get some... hours later.. want it again? right?

We are allllll searching for something to fill this pleasure spot in our hearts. We all want someone to secure our insecurities, to tell us " we are pretty, loved, prince, princess." etc. well.... lets be honest here....we need to hear those words like we need to eat when we are hungry ..When we start feeling an identity crisis ... we find someone to tell us something secure..but the words of man has no weight... no depth....

I believe the words of the creator, God, has depth.... it has this weight.. and root growing quality.
God tells us to put on the new man. The one according to His likeness in righteousness and purity of TRUTH.( EPH 4:24) How about that ?
Put on the new self of yours! The one stable in truth! The one thats according to Gods look!

The reason this is good news is because God NEVER HAS AN IDENTITY CRISIS!!!!!
He is constant( hebrews 13:8)

He is always the same.
Eph Chapter 1 is a very stable view of who we are.
I encourage you to read it.

Dear friends,
Take off your false self. Stop being someone your not. Stop being so hard on yourself cause you can't forgive yourself of a mistake. Stop allowing satan to keep you from feeling apart of the beloved. You are loved. Eph 2:4-7If Christ Jesus is in your heart, if He is whom you believe and trust and live for..You are sealed my friend! You calm that identity !

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! (Psalm 107:2)
Scripture is full of identity building versesI encourage you to find these as I found one for myself this morning..

Sanctify them by truth, Your word is truth John 17:17

Know the truth
Live the truth
be washed in truth.
Clothe yourself with it.

Now, if this is your "thorn" in your flesh... and this emotional .. depressive ... who are you struggle is yours..Then I encourage you friend to not ask to have it taken away, but ask God for more of His grace. It could be your reminder, and being reminded of who you are everyday isn't so bad..I speak from experience.

Friend have a great day.
Message me for questions of thoughts.

In love, through love, to love you :)
in which I do!

- Cameron.

P.s as usual I don't proof read. sorry for miss spelled words or grammer errors.
Also, this dumb website crammed the way I wrote together. POOP!