Thursday, October 11, 2012

if it makes you ... happy.

I never thought being a "idealist" would ever become a problem.
I assume because of my young age fading away and this new man I'm becoming, I'm starting to see how things really are.
That sounds major cliché and to..... hmmm.... bloggy ?
To bloggy?
Eh, its truth.

I'm starting to see the scriptures in a new light.
I'm developing my own opinions that I can stand on, backed with Biblical truth.
I'm transferring head knowledge to heart knowledge, and heart knowledge to my new lifestyle.
Which is what I'm getting too.

A few weeks ago I received the best advice I have ever received but only this time I really received it.
Someone of much importance to me said " Cameron, there was one perfect man, we don't need another one. Be around those that you like and enjoy, because you CAN NOT like everyone."

I was beside myself.
Me, not like everyone?!?!
The scripture is so straight forward on loving others!!!!
We must, I must, its my job.....

Its then very very clear.
Loving people isn't my job.
It is my freedom.
It is my response to God and my love for Him first, me second, and then my neighbor( Luke 10:27)
My relationship and what it produces is never a job..
Its never have too's
Its never my identity
My identity is a beloved son of Christ.
Then upon understanding that, I respond in whatever Biblical truths that I see.

Now this saying this person told me.
I've been practicing it.
I hang out with only those I trust and love.
Those that I can confide in.
Because reality is, in this life, you WILL meet people you don't like and don't vibe with, and its okay to not stress yourself trying to get them to like you.
Why would you?
Apart of loving yourself is respecting yourself as well.
Why is this such a forgotten practice in the church?
Argue all you want with this but God set it up where we love Him first, then our neighbor as ourself.
Meaning, we come second.
If the vertical relationship is crap, then our horizontal relationships with be crap.
And what would you expect to pour out anyway if you have nothing to give.
Someone once told me our cup needs to always be empty......
Jesus in Mark 1 after a longggggg tiring day of healing, teaching, and hanging out went and prayed.
Jesus has full reliance on God, He goes and meets with His Father.
For He can only do what He sees the Father doing.
"If you need more scripture on this, facebook me, for time sake I'm going to continue writing."
Did Christ need Him some refreshment time with the Father and some strength?
And He always came back to the bro 12.
Always ended up with those dudes at the end of the day....

As I take off the unnecessary  strains of my use to be daily grinds, I'm experiencing a new freedom in Christ Jesus.
But this is a cross country run.... I must pace myself....
Little by little I grow in knowledge and grace.
I won't wake up and have it all together
I won't get it all together tomorrow, but in Gods grace, I continue to grow.

I'm doing the things that make me healthy.
Being around and pouring into the ones that are real friends to me is the best and most delight I could ever have.
Seeing them grow is such a joy.
Running around meeting tons of new folks and sharing my personal life with them is just not who I am anymore.
Depending on circumstance though
The reality is we live in a fallen world.
And not everyone who claims to be your brother and sister in Christ can be trusted, I'm sorry but its true.
They will talk about you, judge you, and never care to help you.
Its ugly but true..
But we all have sin...
and the sad thing is not all of us are pressing on to change.
The coffee shop christianity is a safe one, and many won't choose to leave.

Gosh, time for class already.

That was my rant for today.
Go in peace and grace.