Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On every page.

In the Christian community we are pretty keen on not showing our dark moments.

 It seems its the beer photos that you took with your employees on a nightly outing or maybe that big ole cigar you smoked with your closest friends to ponder your daily reads of Gods word that gets a big no no on being posted to facebook isn't to be posted or know by others.

 We are afraid that "lost" people will see them.
 Afraid that the Christian community will set fires until we know how guilty we should be for this .. "dark" moment.

 Me? I don't mind so much of sharing.... The way I see it, for of us that are a part of the body, trying to reach someone who doesn't really care much about Jesus, it's these "dark" or maybe "secretive" sins we should be most open about?

 There is a healthiness to not word vomit on people, as in not sharing to much information that hurts instead of helps. Guarding your heart while honestly sharing it.

 I have struggled with depression for 2 and a half years. I clearly remember days feeling like I hate people, rebellous thoughts against God, and thoughts of what if I ended my life, was very present. It was because I had un-repented sin and no healthiness, or stillness... peace to my walk with God. I went on an exodus.

 In Exodus, these certain people group are rescued by God.
For a while things were pretty good, then they begin to forget just who He is and what He did.

 I find this pattern in most Christians lives.

 If we are all honest we all have that habit or hang up, not making us any less loved by God or worse than anyone ... because once again if we were all honest with ourselves... we should point fingers at ourselves, instead of talking about others.

 On my journey, I am currently learning God is good and kind.
 There is a big difference in knowing in your head and knowing in your Spirit.
 Trust me... I know.
 I'm learning how to be still.
To meditate on small truths that are so strong.
 To receive from Him and give out of His abundance.
My friend Pj Beaver told me " The simple things are the strongest things."
Not love out of my ....well... none abundance.

 I'm learning joy is real.
 Truth is solid.
 Satan hates me.
And God loves me.

 Eph 2 is one of THOSE passages.
You know the kind of words that move you?
 Paul is writing a letter to these folk and in chapter 2 expresses God's grace is a gift that can' be earned, no matter how much you work. He also tells these gentile Christians that they are now one in the body of Christ. That the jewish leaders and them are of one body, the body of Christ. That they are a workmanship of Christ Jesus from the beginning.

 How wonderful.
 Now, these jewish leaders have quiet the history of being flashy with there knowledge and arrogance of being Gods chosen people.
 I can't imagine being a gentile and hearing everyday from these "perfect" people who knew the old testament back and forth and how loved and special they are because they are Gods people.. how the gentiles must of felt?
Depressed? Frustrated?
 but Paul reminds them that they are important too.

 Hmmm I am important to God as well.
And you are also.
Did you know that?
 That is the thing that defeats depression.
Knowing you have self worth in Christ.
He cares and the truth of the word is more powerful than anyyyy twisted thought in our mind.

Writing this I was going in a different direction.
 The coffee from earlier has been worn off and after teaching tonight my mind is gone. I just felt like writing.
 Due to this sudden crash I will leave with this and hope the words above made sense.

 " God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord." 1 Cor 1:9