Thursday, December 13, 2012

I may be stupid ..but I know what love is.

The story of the prodigal son is over looked and over used.
It was the story, for me, that was familiar , but never mine.

Today, alot of people fuss about"reading in context", "study in context", "this story can't mean this", "can't mean that". "The bible wasn't written to you, remember its original audience."
but thats also a good way of losing what it can mean to you. ( which I do think its best to read it in context and not attach crazy meanings to things.)
but for this story, this is what I have understood.

I am a prodigal son.
You are a prodigal son.
Everyone I know is a prodigal son.

We want what we think is ours.
We are anxious
We know it all.

We want from God what we think is ours.
The future, as in, what will our job be, our paycheck, our husband and wife, our kids etc.
And then, what happens when none of that brings us pleasure?
Have you every thought about that?
What happens when all of these dreams you have don't satisfy like you romanticism them to do?
What was wrong with just being with the father?
What was wrong waiting for your inheritance at the proper time it was suppose to come?

So you do things your way and just like the wealth of the prodigal son, you are left with nothing because you done with it what youuuu wanted.

Then, you start filling your life with something that may work.
Talking about people because your insecure and it brings you peace to do so instead of facing yourself perhaps?
Filling your life with porn and numerous strangers in your bed?
Looking every day for someone to date because the idea of dating is awesome but you never learned the proper way to do so, so its left you with a terrible streak?
Drinking a lot because it helps you temporarily forget?
Starving yourself because you have control?
Cutting yourself because its a release?
Posting tweets, facebook status, blogs, and instagram photos because you think you can convince someone with your christian like posts?
Worrying yourself to sleep about whats coming after graduation because, after all, worrying a lot magically gets you a job?

oh fellow son
What if allllll those things don't satisfy you and its about the equivalent of a pig field?
 And you are willing to even eat the food of the pig then to face the pride within yourself and return home.
I like how the ESV writes it and says "a severe famine came across the land and he was in need".-Verse 14

I am the prodigal son because I see my need.
It's not even that I have pride and won't return home. Its just my squandering, spending my wealth on reckless living haunts me.
It is the ever lasting effect of sin.
Actions have consequences and sin is a sickness that is out to kill, steal, and destroy.

Is that you?
Have you returned to God and found yourself remembering what you have done with your share of the property?

Or maybe your not to that point.
Just one more of this, one more night in the mud with the pigs.
Cheesy right?

but no, its true!!!
Alot of us sit in our depression, apathy, addictions, laziness, we hide in our social media to pretend we are, when........ we aren't.
We bite and devour one another with terrible things we say to one another, and yet, no one is reaching in the mud or looking in the field for a son among pigs.
To say " hey, go home."
Thats not what we do.

Hurt people, just keep hurting people.
That is one of the lines from one of my favorite songs.
And its true.
We hurt. We hurt others.
We run and recklessly live and take on causalities.
The causality takes on a causality as well
and then we have alot of people in fields with pigs.

But the story doesn't end here.
It doesn't have to but we have a choice to make.

The Father sits and waits on the return.
And the best part is the story above the prodigal son.
The Parable of the lost coin.
When one goes astray, the whole house is turned upside down looking for it and rejoices over that one coin when it is found...

So, now you know the return will be met with a celebration.
Thats right.
Party time.

When the son is still far off... the Father runs to meet him( which in that culture, men don't run. Its weird to do so)
and embraces him.
Redeems him with the ring with the family crest.
Meaning. Here is your name back.
Everything I own is yours.
And the son trys to explain, " look, Ive been bad, I cant be your...."
and the dad is like " get em a ring, get em a coat, get a goat, throw a party" etc.

Confess in your honest words about everything you feel and think
hurts and pains
lay it out on the line in repentance
and be welcomed by God.
1 John 1:9 and Acts 3:19-20
Repentance is hard.
Moving on is hard.
Overcoming is hard.
But we can do it, because He says so.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
Covered past, present, and future.
He did this to demonstrate His love for you.
And when you couldn't and still can't, lift a finger to salvation to save yourself, He says "your deeds and being good isn't good enough" and says ......"but my grace is sufficient."
"And I will save you because I am love."
We don't deserve grace or salvation.
He just is.
He just does.

My friend.
The truth for you and I is,  we have been, we have done, we have failed, we have we have we have
but it doesn't have to be.
The Spirit wants to do a work in you and I.
You see, the gospel is not about salvation only.
No no no Francis Chain.
It is a call to be Holy for He is Holy.
It is a call to serve in the kingdom and be transformed by the King.
It is a relationship that takes time
to grow and mature.
The words of Christ needs to be hid away in our heart and practiced daily.
And as you become poor and see more of your need..
He is the father, with you son, to help you push through.

If you have any questions feel free to write me on facebook.

If you are a non-believer, may be pissed off at Jesus or angry or just never cared and something about this read made you wonder, please message me.
I would love to be apart of the work of the Holy Spirit in helping you in any way I can.

Have a great day.