Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who is Jesus? No one really knows.

Who is Jesus?
I mean really?
Does anyone know?
I don't believe so.

People, since, forever has pick and chose which parts of the bible that they would like their Jesus to be.
For Jesus to hate the sinner would be wrong.
For Him to choose some and not others is wrong.
Love the sinner, hate the sin?
What if Jesus hates the sinner?
Could you still love Him for Himself?
No of course not, that wouldn't fit well with our plaid shirts in the coffee shop conversation we are having.
What about the scriptures of come all ye weary?
The righteous don't need a doctor, the sick do?
Scriptures about forgiveness, then scriptures about not abusing His grace.
I mean.... as a believer we can't continue to repent the same ole sin over and over and think its cool with God to come back to Him at any point and say some half crap repentance prayer.
Have you ever read the book of Lamentations?
They were lamenting and wanting God to reconcile them to Himself, wanna know why?
Cause God destroyed their city because of disobedience.
Hows that for your coffee shop God?
Thats right, destroyed.
What about Numbers 17, God reigned fiery serpents from heaven upon the people, biting and killing them, and then He also gave them a way out.

Well, even if we can believe upon Him from our "free will" then He is obligated to save us right?
Its cool to doubt God, raise tons of questions without answers, its okay to make small talk with people and say " I don't feel... I don't think Jesus would."

Since when was it up to you to tell Jesus who He freakin is?
Or what makes it cool for you to "doubt" and ponder these "deep" questions and question His authority?
He is God, He doesn't need your pardon, He can do whatever He wants.

So, how do we reconcile these thoughts?
Who is Jesus?

Is He the kind loving Savior who welcomes people?
Is He the Lord who turns people away from following Him?


I don't write these things to discourage you, but encourage you to read the Bible, with no limits of Old Testament and New Testament. Toss the whole we live in the New Testament trash, right, throw that out.
Read it and look at God and Jesus, and then look at man.
Here's a beginning place... The Bible is about who God is and Him revealing Himself to us.
Thats how we can know Him.
And you'll see something so consistent...
Cause God doesn't change.

Who is Jesus really?
Some may know.
I'm still figuring it out, I know its worth giving my time, energy, money, and life to.