Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sinking like a stone in the sea.

I should have saw it coming.
Opinions upon opinions, philosophies and shared faith
what does it mean to development a "personal faith" these days?

I've never liked the term "personal faith."
The term personal means, according to the American Webster dictionary,-of affecting, or belonging to a particular person rather than to anyone else.
I won't use a bible verse for this because I feel the whole bible references good community.
That we lived with a shared faith.
Person to person.
An open faith of looking at the word together and sharing what the Lord has placed on their heart.

I feel there is a move in the Christian community that is beautiful but can be harming if not done properly.
A very beautiful way of sharing faith that Jesus practiced everyday!
I'm so happy to see this taking place here on MSU campus!
All throughout the bakery bibles are open, coffee is hot, and people are sharing what they are learning.
Even I have the great honor of studying the word with a great friend of mine who is farther along in the faith.
But one thing he would never want me to do I feel, is to believe what he believes just because he shared it with me.

In studying the word, even with much studying, opinions are hard to shake.
Since we are interpreting something written so long ago we have lost the context of what it really meant then.

And sometimes its okay to disagree on what it means.
The guy I meet with I feel would much rather me read it to believe it for myself than for him just telling me.

In the Christian community there are many different opinions on dating, boys and girls talking about Christ together, and etc.
And sometimes we take on someone else's thoughts and believe what they believe and become a " boy hater" or " girl avoider"
We start to feel like talking about the bible with the opposite sex is bad, in which no one, with any bible verse, can back, because to my knowledge there is no such thing.

So in that moment you then aren't becoming like Jesus(rom8:29, 1john2:6) but rather like the person you study with and where is that Biblical?

I know Paul says, take after me. but I believe he meant in his lifestyle of sharing the word.

I want to encourage you to become like Jesus.
Study the word for yourself.
See what it means to you.
Join a healthy community of believers.
Share thoughts opinions etc
and pray to see the outcome of how it shapes you.

have a great day.

also, I never re read these to fix mess ups or mis spelled words, if something don't make since, try to figure it out.


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