Sunday, August 14, 2011

Field and Flower

" You loving me, made me a man."
Thats a quote from ps I love you...

I believe in it again...
I believe in the fact that there is love...

love like the songs
love like the movies
love like magic

Love like hands touching wildflowers as you run through a field at dusk
love like the morning sunrise
love like the perfect stillness
love like kissing in the rain
love like dancing in the streets with the lights playing a tune

I believe again.

People write music
people direct movies
people make magic

So I believe with the right person, you can make all 3.

So, Cameron Moore will fall in love like this.
I have made many mistakes, hung out with alot of the wrong girls..... I mean alot
but also I have hung out with the right ones...
and I have realized that some may have said I was a player, I will say I was just figuring out what I wanted
and what I want is peace.
Now that my soul is finding the true peace in salvation in God and I'm learning how to be loved first by Him, my heart is believing again.

Believing that I have a fresh start.
Believing that freedom is my calling
believing that I can date.
Believing no one... no one can complete me .... like God can.

You see I don't need a girlfriend.
For I am complete and fine alone in Christ.
But I choose to have a partner ... one to endeavor life with.

See I have missed that mark so many times...
tried to date all the wrong ones and right ones.. before my time
and I can truely say I'm in a great healing time.
I begin to pray for my wife again today, I stick to my guns on this one.
No hanging out or texting or leading on the ones that I don't in vision anything with
but wait .... and just know..
cause I believe

just a little something I was pondering.

My love for writing is coming back.. slowly but surely...
I'm finding depth and creativity again.

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