Monday, September 24, 2012

The focus is all wrong.

It isn't about your regret.
Not about your twinge of emotions today.
Not about you should have done this
or why did I do that?
It isn't how will I ever be fixed
Will I ever get better?
It is not about un-digging your past all in one setting.
It is not about bringing it up and harboring on it all day.

But what it is about, is Jesus.
His saving
His personality
His ability
His kindness
His grace
How He lead you the whole time with hands of a Father
How in union with Him, and only when in union with Him, you experience the attributes of Him.

It's about being obedient because He was to the Father.
No matter how much you don't feel like it or how bad it hurts.
Obedience because salvation is about taking Jesus as LORD
Meaning you will follow, you will labor, and you will experience.
His commands aren't burdensome.
They are filled with Spirit and life.
It isn't working to earn a wage, it is a free gift offered.

Jesus in no way had to use people...
but that was the reason He came
to identify with sinners, in whom you may feel like the worst today
but He called tax collectors
He used normal men to be apart of the water to wine miracle
but in the moment they weren't just normal men.

So today, we are not self defeatist
We are victors
We walk in the promise, a promise that has eternal value.
All things will pass away, but the word of God....

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