Monday, December 19, 2011

I would like to know.

This is a poem I wrote after watching videos about sex trafficing.
It has some words in it you may not feel is appropriate but its truthful and honest.
I hope it encourages you some.

Jesus, I am a brothel.
Not a living sanctuary where people can find more of You
but a dwelling of hurt, hate, anger, and wrong disposition of You.
I want to long for truth.
Be a man that’s after You.
Not just another one who confesses and turns
with his dick in his hand longing to lust after youth and burn
with a temporary passion that will run away
and take me somewhere I don’t need to be.
Far away from You, filled with apathy.
I want to lay in green pastures
I want to find the well spring of life flowing through You
flowing in me too.
I want to see life the way that You do
loving my neighbor the way You taught me too
I want to produce fruits from the Spirit
I want to walk hand in hand in a peaceful land where the cool of the day and the light on my face shines a way straight to the Fathers throne where I can sing and dance at all the good He has done.
I want to be a REAL MAN
one who pursues purity and righteousness
who memorizes the word of Truth for Your word is truth
so I won’t sin against You.
I want to hate sin as much as You do for it does no good
only separates me from You.
I want to be lead by the Spirit
teach Your name to the masses
Trust in you even when there isn;t havoc’s
Lead a family one day and they be know as addicts for Your love in their veins
not prodigal son run aways
I want to be a friend who is always there, lifting up support on my knees in prayers
I want to fully trust and have faith
to look not at your hands but on Your face
knowing You will provide.
Only by Your grace I am saved
its nothing that I did to earn my way
but only what happened that faithful day
when you embaced the world in the sweetest hug ..
Father most of all
I need less of me……

and more of You.
As I decrease
I become more like You.

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