Monday, November 12, 2012

I don't want to beg your pardon.

Well the sad truth is .. we don't get "re-do's" in this life
You don't have the marvelous opportunity to un- do to re-do to make things turn out a little bit different then how you wanted.

For sooo long I have hated this truth..

That every action has a re-action
You commit the action, you get the consequence.
Which, most of us love when it plays in our favor, but when it doesn't.. ohh man when it doesn't
we start regretting, becoming bitter and mad... and then the only person you have to blame is yourself, because your best friend " told ya so"

Then in this moment when you realize you are your own worst enemy, you seek comfort in your "friends"
but then you find your friends aren't so forgiven as the God they serve.
Then you decide you have no friends so you retreat within yourself and make empty promises of how alone you are going to be from now on.

So then we have:
-A consequence we don't like
-friends acting un-friendly
-the feel to be secluded and just dodge people.

Ringing true with anyone yet?

The truth is..
You can't change in other people.
The Holy Spirit in believers takes on that roll
within the lost at best you may convince them

People will be people.
People talk about people.
Yes, it is very sad but they do.
Remember that re-action I was talking about?
Face it, its reality.

In my last blog I talked about not allowing some people to be your friend.
How you should only surround yourself with a certain group of people..

Well, I retract that.
Christ loved us and identified with sinners to the point of the cross in which He became sin( 2Cor5:21)
There is no measure.
And in John 15, He calls us friend.

Don't let reactions become the reason you become bitter and hard hearted.
In Gen 6 God says He knows the heart of man and it does evil continually.
People believe only what they perceive
No matter what healing is going on in your life or the small changes no one see's, they will believe what their eyes show them.
So if your broken inside and you have a hard time dealing with people, oh well, people think your fake.

Don't let that attitude rule you.
Remember friendships aren't based off quantity
its quality

If you are having a hard time forgiving yourself, look at Titus 3:4-8
He paid it.
Past, present, and future.
If it was good enough for Him, then it needs to be for you.
If your sin is a routine, then seek help.
If you have trust issues, find a counselor, someone you don't know.

It takes time to grow friend.
Trees don't become full out oaks over night.
Roots have to dig, be watered etc.

For people.
Love them
Christ does.
For yourself
forgive yourself, Christ did.
For future actions, slow down, baby steps, walk, seek guidance, guard your heart.
I promise you.... no one is getting everything right.

This is for you action and reaction person
for your bitterness
for you who have done and done and feel empty.
Be encouraged, spring comes after winter!!!!!

As usual, I do not proof read these..
excuse any typo's please.
Also, if you have any questions, anything thats not clear or you would like more info, write me on facebook and it would be my delight to tell you how I'm overcoming or working through these things.
Life is about helping one another.
Lets grow together.

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